SCOTUS Exposes the ObamaCare Tax Lie

The United States Supreme Court reaffirmed the power of words and rhetoric.  Take a bow, Progressives.  Clap.  Clap.  Clap.  Clap.  But beware the Pyrrhic victory, dear friends on the left -- the victory that cost too much.  The Court has called you to account.  This decision wraps and ribbons a gift to Republicans, the gift of a core issue that remains very unpopular with much of the voting public. Lemons to lemonade, they say.  This decision presents the opposition with a rallying cry.  If intuition serves, the Supremes have re-irritated an already addled giant.  Make hay when it shines, they say.  Republicans can now, more than before, in unison, call for the repeal of the Mandate Tax on the grounds that it was sold as not a tax.  It was sold as a bill of goods. It was bait-and-switch, and the power-holders knew it all along.  They knew all along that they had authority to mandate as a tax, but they also knew...(Read Full Article)