Romney Is Mr. Normal

Divisions between radical leftists in the Democratic Party and so-called extremists on the right get most of the media attention these days, but a more important political current is emerging with Romney's success in the presidential campaign.  This is the desire of a large segment of the electorate for a return to normalcy.  Who can blame them?  The desire for normalcy is understandable following one of the most unhinged periods in American history.  The last four years have seen the Obama administration spinning out of control and the country going with it.  Since 2009, the national debt has risen by $5 trillion, unemployment has not fallen below 8%, and GDP growth has averaged a paltry 2% -- hardly enough to increase wages and lower unemployment.  According to one reliable source, job-creation under the current administration is 6.5 million below what it should be at this stage of a typical economic recovery.  Meanwhile, much of the Eurozone is in...(Read Full Article)