Robert Mugabe...What Happened?

Two films that address human rights both hail from Africa -- the first from Mugabe's strife-torn Zimbabwe and the other from Uganda, which is a venue rarely productive of film. The more historical of the two, ROBERT MUGABE ...WHAT HAPPENED?, a longitudinal study by articulate, charming director/filmmaker Simon Bright, who has spent many years in the country, of the longtime dynast/president of financially hectic Zimbabwe, is a daring recap of the life and times of President Robert Mugabe.  Bright goes back to Mugabe's earliest revolutionary beginnings, with original archival material that is fairly staggering, smuggled out in many cases, long-buried, catalogued and forgotten, hidden for fear of death -- given how dangerous negative footage of Mugabe has become over the years since the once-rich resources state transitioned from British Southern Rhodesia in 1980 to what it is now.  Today, Zimbabwe is a robber-baron fiefdom of Mugabe and his favorites.  The farms that...(Read Full Article)