Really, Mr. Gaffemeister? Love, with Sinus Snuffles

It has been a  slack week, without a laugh from our white-plugged veep, Mr. "Don't Mess with Joe" Biden. But the last laugh we got was his solemn assertion that, y'know, American cities are less spiffy 'n' spanny than...China's.  Now some things are just on the surface chortle-out-loud hilarious, as when Biden told a hero serviceman without legs, in a wheelchair, to stand up to be acknowledged.  Or when he noted that one can't enter the America-renowned establishment Dunkin' Donuts without having a "slight Indian accent."  After an initial spate of giddiness, even Dan Quayle, Bush 41 veep, sobered down, misspelled a word, maybe, but in general avoided making an equine hindquarters of himself. But this municipal slur, Mr. Vice President? Gotta tell ya, if he were here, he'd get a wok-ful of unwonderful -- at least, if one could hold him still for a history and culture lesson. Biden is, of course, quite wrong about that mean-spirited and bizarre offhand observation...(Read Full Article)