President Obama and the Herr Schultz Syndrome

Berlin, 1931.  Despite intimidation and overt acts of violence, Herr Schultz, an aging Jewish fruit vendor, is convinced that the Brown Shirts and Hitler Youth are just extremist aberrations and that all will return to normal soon.  He understands the German people.  After all, he himself is German.  Nobody, especially the Germans of Goethe and Mozart, could possibly believe Nazi propaganda.  Hitler and Goebbels do not represent the good German people.  Their propaganda will not resonate with the good German people, who are home cooking Wiener Schnitzel and practicing their yodeling.  (Herr Schultz from the musical Cabaret -- with apologies to Christopher Isherwood.)  Now we hear the same argument from the Obama camp.  The vast majority of Muslims are not extremists, and, just like Americans, they are going about their daily business and want the same things Americans do.  Here is a revealing quote from Obama's 2008 interview with...(Read Full Article)