Obama's Amnesty and Affirmative Action

Many readers are by now well aware of Mr. Obama's decision to confer what amounts to amnesty upon a certain class of illegal immigrants. According to Mr. Obama, Congress didn't act (apparently settled immigration law doesn't constitute action), so Mr. Obama decided to unilaterally create what amounts to  legislation that never passed (the DREAM act.)  What an affirmative actor! The constitutional infirmities of this decision are pronounced and involve the functional equivalent of the repeal of statutory schemes by the executive (for good summaries, click here and here).   President Mr. Obama's justification for his unconstitutional policy edict presents conservatives with an opportunity to begin unwinding a grotesque policy that has, for many decades, been enormously destructive of individual liberty.  That policy is affirmative action. In Mr. Obama's illegal immigration policy speech of June 15, he states: They are Americans in their heart, in their minds, in...(Read Full Article)