Obama Campaign's Hole Card: Romney's Church

One hole card in the Obama campaign's deck of memes remains to be played against Romney: his affiliation with the LDS Church. The campaign's race-based, class-warfare, GOP-war-against-women, blame-Bush, and blame-Republicans cards are already in play.  Plus, additional efforts to divert attention away from the economy are likely to surface in the months ahead -- perhaps through a brief military conflagration with Iran. The current brouhaha over the administration's claim of executive privilege (EP) in the Fast & Furious episode may aim to take eyes off the weekly litany of dismal economic news.  Would it surprise us if the EP story sucked oxygen out of the news for several weeks, until the Justice Department dumped thousands of innocuous Fast & Furious documents to calm the storm? The next day, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney announces, "See, there's no fire to support all the smoke Republicans have been putting out.  It's just been about more Republican...(Read Full Article)