Obama and the Kingdom of the Concrete Skull

My friend Jane Woodworth looked over her newspaper, put down her coffee mug, and said , " Imagine being so down and out that you have to deter people from talking about the economy with the news that you are an accessory to murder." Nothing better summed up a week where the economy continued its tumble, the presidential approval rate continued its downward slide, and the President invoked executive privilege with respect to the government gun running operation which resulted in the deaths of hundreds of people including our own border agent, Brian Terry, and perhaps an ICE agent of ours as well. There was only one thing left for the failing president to do. Make a claim of executive privilege, make it late in the game, after months of his Attorney General Eric Holder's dissembling before Congress under oath, after repeated  retractions of  Holder statements which were proven false, a claim so  weak that all it did was distract attention from the financial news and...(Read Full Article)