Obama Administration Combats Racist Air

See also: EPA's Unethical Air Pollution Experiments The Obama Administration has identified the latest front in its tireless war against America's systemic injustice: asthma.  A new report, succinctly titled the "Coordinated Federal Action Plan to Reduce Racial and Ethnic Asthma Disparities," issued jointly on May 31st by the EPA, HHS, and HUD, argues, in effect, that freedom has led to an unfair distribution of healthy lungs, and therefore steps must be taken to achieve respiratory  justice.  The official press release for this report does not commit itself on the question of whether greater asthmatic-racial "parity" ought to be attained by reducing the incidence of asthma among minorities, increasing the rate among whites, or some combination of the two.  Here is a summary of the "justice" issue at stake: Nearly 26 million Americans are affected by this chronic respiratory disease, including 7 million children, especially minority children and children with...(Read Full Article)