Muslim Outrage, Intimidation, and Blackmail

In 1997 a huge Muslim outcry ensued that forced Nike to "recall 800,000 shoes because the Muslims claimed the company's 'Air' logo resembled the Arabic script for Allah."  Mind you, the decoration was not the name for Allah.  As a result of this bogus allegation, Nike would build "three playgrounds for Islamic communities in the United States" as part of the repentance package. Instead of decrying this false claim of religious insensitivity, the New York Times reported that Nike: committed a legendary error when it released a pair of athletic shoes in 1996 with a logo on the sole that some Muslims believed resembled the Arabic lettering for Allah. According to John Goodman, a Muslim convert and Ogilvy & Mather's regional director for South and Southeast Asia, '[g]iven that Muslims consider the feet unclean, producing shoes with the name of God on the soles of the feet is not a good idea...they recalled 800,000 pairs of shoes globally.' Describing the Nike episode as a...(Read Full Article)