Military Exercises and Political Correctness

It can't be said that the U.S. is doing nothing about Syria.  The administration created the "Atrocities Prevention Board," which failed the test at Houla.  It is supporting the feckless Kofi Annan, who is adding to a resume that includes the genocide in Rwanda and massacres in Bosnia.  It is beseeching the Russians, who decimated Chechnya and still own it, to help. But is the U.S. also getting ready to ride to the rescue with Eager Lion 2012?  One would hope not. Eager Lion 2012 is a multinational Special Operations exercise that began in Jordan last week.  The planning started long ago; it wasn't organized against Syria -- or Iran, for that matter.  It was widely touted by the Americans.  Major General Ken Tovo, head of the U.S. Special Operations Forces, told reporters in Amman, "The message that I want to send through this exercise is that we have developed the right partners throughout the region and across the world ... insuring that we have...(Read Full Article)