Let the Left Eat Their Own Dog Food

All too frequently I hear people complain about capitalism and greed, with the two words uttered in close proximity, as if one invariably evokes the other.  And I fear that such complaining is becoming a habit.  Recently it seems I'm hearing it as often as I did back in the early '80s, when I was guilty of incessantly repeating such thoughtless blather myself. Back then, I was a Marxist wannabe, having been easily seduced by the righteous emotions evoked when loathing something as morally equivocal as capitalist greed.  But I was also taken in by the very real and hormonally based seduction of both mind and body by an attractive, real-life communist woman.  She sugarcoated her poisonous ideology with the notion that her brand of communism was the lowercase c variety -- the pure, and allegedly less vile strain of the disease, as distinct from the communism practiced by the nasty Stalinists. And so I attended The Church of Karl Marx for a couple of years, until Pol...(Read Full Article)