It's Possible

When I discuss the anomalies surrounding the president's origins, my friends often counter with the standard reply "It's possible."  As in the last scene of the classic comedy Some Like It Hot, regardless of what Daphne (Jack Lemmon) says to Osgood (Joe E. Brown) about why they can't marry, Osgood remains willfully blind and continues to assure Daphne that they can. This led me to list the "It's possible" responses I have heard over the last few years to illustrate why many friends remind me of Osgood.  (This is a partial list; feel free to add your own.) "It's possible" that Syracuse University, Frank C. Laubach Collection, lost Obama Sr.'s University of Hawaii transcripts -- the ones that would show if Sr. could have met Ann in a Russian language class as the official Obama story proclaims. "It's possible" that Obama Sr. and Ann were married in Maui, even though there is no official record of a marriage, no pictures, and no witnesses -- not even Ann's parents. "It's...(Read Full Article)