Is There a Woman's Right to Be Born?

An abortion is a homicide. In order to camouflage this stark, staring reality from the view of civilized, sentient beings made in the image of God, advocates fudge abortion's homicidal nature by emphasizing instead that it's first and foremost a solution to a problem.  Americans understand problem-solving.  Paint a problem in appalling enough terms -- a 10-year-old impregnated by her father! a woman who will die if forced to carry her baby to term! -- and sympathy for the mother tends to squeeze out close consideration of the other, graver problem created by the favored solution -- that is, the unborn child's problem of being marked out for death by its own mother. As solutions to human problems go, you'd think any solution entailing homicide deserves the greatest scrutiny, not the least.  Capital punishment is homicide (not murder, but homicide).  Killing in wartime is homicide.  Western civilization sanctions both, provided neither is resorted to without...(Read Full Article)