Is Hillary 'Mentally 'illary'?

Quite frankly, Hillary Clinton appears to be losing it.  She is letting her hair down, literally and otherwise.  Based on her behavior lately, the former first lady/current secretary of state is either trying to rehabilitate her stoic reputation, ecstatic that Bill's off supporting African farmers, or throwing caution to the wind and loosening up a bit. Over the years, Hillary has said and done some pretty crazy things.  Who can forget when Hillary, born in 1947, concocted the story that her late mother Dorothy named her after Mount Everest mountaineer Sir Edmund Hillary, who became famous five years after the little Rodham was born? Or how about when, recounting a 1996 trip to Bosnia, Mrs. Clinton "misspoke" when she apparently mistook receiving flowers from a little girl for running across the Tulza tarmac, dodging sniper fire? Inserting her family into the 9/11 catastrophe, Hillary even claimed that Chelsea, who was home in bed at the time, was jogging around the...(Read Full Article)