Is anti-Catholicism on the rise?

As of the writing of this column, 43 Catholic organizations, including Franciscan University and Ave Maria University -- two schools that stopped offering health coverage because of the reforms included in the president's health care plan -- have filed lawsuits against the Obama administration for infringing on their religious freedom.  Even the University of Notre Dame, a school that bestowed an honorary degree on the president in 2009, has joined its Catholic brethren in their fight. Similar to the media's decision to not report on the half-million or so protesters who attended the March for Life rally this past January, outlets like ABC, NBC, and CBS -- all of whom spent hours on end drooling over comments made by a 30-year-old law student -- have largely ignored what has become the largest legal defense of religious liberty in American history.  "Evidence of big media's bias against religion is beyond dispute," writes Cal Thomas, a Catholic commentator.  Noting the...(Read Full Article)