How Obama Might Just Break Even on Jobs

As Barack Obama leaves the White House on January 20, 2013 -- as I suspect he will -- do not be surprised if he leaves just about dead even on job loss/creation for his term officially.  I mean literal net/net. Huh?  Yes he can!  In fact, he's halfway there already.   Consider: out in the real world -- outside Washington, D.C power and Manhattan's esoteric hedge/arbitrage/derivative bubble -- business owners realize what is going on, and the best of them pounce on reality-based opportunities -- or crises -- the minute these become evident.  They instantly adjust how they build or service or distribute their thingamajigs without the rigamorole of inaugurations and such.  And a quick check of the calendar shows us that in a full one-term presidential cycle, there is nearly a half year's business of lame duck time coming and going.  And that half-year includes the most crucial time for many businesses.  You see, there is no single talent...(Read Full Article)