Honoring Our Veterans Who Suffer from PTS

June 27 is set aside as the national awareness day for post-traumatic stress disorder (referred to in this article as PTS).  Approximately one third of all soldiers who are fighting or have fought in the War on Terror have some degree of PTS.  American Thinker interviewed experts as well as those with firsthand knowledge about PTS. In his latest novel, The Renegades, Thomas Young describes PTS as "trace elements of toxin in [a character's] psyche."  Having served in the Air National Guard, he commented to American Thinker, "PTS is an extremely important issue for returning vets.  People need to be reminded that when veterans come home, it does not necessarily mean their war is over."  This is a common theme among the experts as well.  General Peter Chiarelli, the former Army vice chief of staff, who now works for One Mind for Research, wants Americans to understand the need for better diagnostics for those with brain injuries.  Regarding PTS, he is...(Read Full Article)