Holder's Contempt: Who Owns the Government?

Who owns the documents being suppressed in the clumsy Fast and Furious cover-up? Murder-gate would be a descriptive moniker. Could some intrepid reporter ask the hapless Jay Carney if the POTUS believes that the U.S. Government is "of the people, by the people, and for the people"? If he believes that, then surely he should understand that every document generated by that government is the property of the American People. There should be a high bar to clear before declaring any document confidential. To simply assert blanket executive privilege without a strong explanation is outrageous. A power-corrupted Department of Justice is a grave danger to every citizen who is not a favored political ally. President Obama has raised the stakes. This not just a political dust-up; not merely a healthy test of strength between two co-equal branches of government. The rule of law is being challenged by Mr. Holder and the President. The Constitution invests tremendous power in the federal...(Read Full Article)