Grifters on Parade

The nearly simultaneous exposure of the false claims of Elizabeth Warren to Cherokee ancestry and Obama's to Kenyan nationality is an example of two events that are not quite a pure coincidence.  While each of these episodes is causally unrelated, what we're seeing is the same process working itself out in two distinct cases. As all the world knows, an author's bio written in the early '90s stated that Barack Obama was born in Kenya.  There is little or no possibility that it was printed without his knowledge.  (One of the similarities between the two cases is that the institutions involved simply repeated what the principals said.)  The bio made the Kenya claim because that's what Obama told its fabricators to put down.  Furthermore, the claim was allowed to stand for over a decade, being edited out only in 2006. So what are we to make of this?  With anyone else, the case would be open and shut.  But as we've come to learn regarding Obama, there are...(Read Full Article)