Good Old College School Daze

When I receive my college alumnae magazine in the mail, I scan it more than actually read it.  The professors I knew are long retired; I have lost touch with many of my friends; the only large amounts of money I ever gave were in the form of tuition payments, so I will never see my name highlighted as a major donor.  I follow major-league baseball; the articles on the field hockey and soccer teams don't interest me. The college I attended clearly tilted to the liberal side, which never bothered me at the time because I tilted to that direction myself.  "Liberal" also meant something different back then.  Being liberal didn't prevent the college from sponsoring lectures by individuals who represented views from across the political spectrum; nor did it prevent the administration from hiring faculty who welcomed debate and discussions within their classrooms, regardless of their own political views. I believed in what they are now calling "social justice"; heck, I...(Read Full Article)