God Bless the Conservative Father

Michelle Obama sent yet another plea last week, imploring the common man to wish her husband a happy Father's Day.  That is to say, Mrs. Obama -- who undoubtedly left the note's details to staff as limited as her time is between book tours, lavish travel, and star-studded NYC campaign events -- has again called upon the people who must toil to fuel Mrs. Obama's lavish lifestyle to heap platitudes upon her petulant composite of a husband; and with a campaign donation from what little is left of our after tax dollars nonetheless.   Nothing, and I mean nothing, (okay, many other things) over the last few mind-numbing years of tyrannical fundamental transformation, irks me more than these impertinent and incessant campaign requests -- birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine's, Mother's and Father's Day wishes for our Rulers, at the behest of our Rulers.  It would only be more irksome were Anna Wintour -- a natural for the next Hunger Game's Capitol villain --begging our...(Read Full Article)