Doing the 'Fatherhood Buzz' with Barack Obama

As Father's Day approaches, President Obama is turning his attention toward teaching men how to be better fathers. To introduce the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services' "Fatherhood Buzz" initiative, Barack Obama made an "unscheduled barbecue run" to Kenny's BBQ Smokehouse in Washington DC.  It was there that the President met with four fathers who must have been stopping by for lunch on the spur of the moment. Two were soldiers -- one from South Carolina, the other from Maryland -- and the other were two local DC barbers. Nurney Mason, owner of Mason's Barbershop, and Otis "Big O" Gamble, a barber who's cut hair at Mason's for 45 years, were at the Smokehouse because both men are directly "involved in the administration's effort to promote better fatherhood." Mason's shop was chosen to participate in President Obama's Fatherhood Initiative Fatherhood Buzz Barbershop Tour, which is set to kick off in eight cities in mid-June.Buzz-cut Barack's personal barber Zariff, who...(Read Full Article)