Did MoveOn.org and BarackObama.com Promote Hate Speech?

The answer to this question depends on how much responsibility a moderated discussion forum has to exclude racist, anti-Semitic, and other forms of hate speech.  MoveOn.org and BarackObama.com have both argued that, as anybody can post anything to their discussion forums, they are not responsible for the content. "Exercise of editorial control" was, on the other hand, the doctrine under which Prodigy was held legally responsible for libelous material that somebody posted on a discussion board over which Prodigy exercised such control, although Congress later passed legislation to mitigate or eliminate civil liability in such cases.  The bottom line is, however, that it has been proven beyond any doubt that both MoveOn.org and BarackObama.com exercised editorial control over their forums, but failed to remove hate speech even worse than what one might find at the Stormfront White Nationalist Community. MoveOn.org and those Jewy Jews MoveOn.org was called out in 2006 for its...(Read Full Article)