Did Maraniss Commit Fraud to Protect Obama?

I was sitting out at lunch the other day reading David Maraniss's new book, Barack Obama: The Story, when I came across a passage that gave me pause.  Maraniss excerpted the passage from an article, "Breaking the War Mentality," that Obama had written in 1983 for a Columbia University publication called the Sundial.  What caught my attention was that the passage in question read better than I remembered. I returned to my office after lunch, checked a digitized copy of the article, and then double-checked a PDF of the original print edition.  I was right.  The passage had been edited to fix one of Obama's signature errors, his chronic failure to get nouns and verbs to agree.  Here is how the offending sentence appears in the Maraniss book: "But the states of war -- the sounds and chill, the dead bodies -- are remote and far removed."  (Italics mine.) Here is how the sentence appears in the original text: "But the taste of war -- the sounds and chill, the...(Read Full Article)