Britain Should Snub Obama's Re-Election Ploy

British Prime Minister David Cameron should refuse President Barack Obama's request  in the latter's latest desperate push for re-election.  Back in March, when Obama and Cameron last met, the president floated the idea of a coordinated release of oil reserves in an effort to drive down prices at the pump.  This would possibly involve the Americans releasing some 700 million barrels of crude oil, and Britain reducing the amount of oil they currently demand oil companies hold in reserve, which would have the same effect on the private sector as releasing oil stocks. Cameron, who had clearly been wooed over the week he was in the States, agreed to take the idea back to the motherland and mull it over.  In a recent op-ed, he indicated that the idea was still a very serious possibility. On the face of it, Obama's idea seems to have merit.  Anyone who owns a vehicle knows that gas prices are bleeding wallets all over America, and some relief on their rise would be...(Read Full Article)