Benchmarking Presidential Readiness

Having officially secured the delegates for the Republican nomination, Gov. Romney is the midst of identifying a small group of people, from among whom he will then select his running mate.  Making a short list of qualified potential nominees based on prior experience is, of course, only the first step; a number of political considerations will, and always have, played a role in the final selection.  But whoever is selected, Romney has said, must be "ready on Day 1" to be President of the United States.  Some analysts have concluded this implies a preference for executive experience in potential Vice-Presidents.  Based on presidential history -- and simply what the job of President entails -- Gov. Romney would likely be right to prefer executives, particularly those who have experience as public sector chief executives, as he does himself.  If these individuals also have a background as legislators, as officials in the federal executive branch, and perhaps in...(Read Full Article)