Another Devaluation of Paul Krugman's credibility

Paul Krugman plays a critical role in the left's drive for more government control over peoples' lives.  After all, the emotional crusade is given a cloak of scientific credibility by Krugman's Nobel Prize. Which is why it's so surprising that he's been beating that credibility like a rented mule.  Some recent examples include Krugman arrogantly making claims about the benefits of financial regulation, only to contradict his own analysis in a separate article the very same day; so obviously cherry-picking data to suggest that public debt is equivalent to economic growth that he was debunked by a student; and, the case that received the most media attention, manipulating the axis of a graph to suggest that Estonia's economy has stagnated due to liberalization and reductions in government spending, when in reality the economy has been soring for over a decade. Krugman's credibility is face-down in the mud, yet he continues to scream at it and whip it to help the left justify...(Read Full Article)