America: The Home of the...Compliant?

If you want a quick measure of the state of American society, you might consider the federal government's use of unmanned aerial drones to monitor U.S. citizens, and in particular the EPA's matter-of-fact defense of its use of drones over the Midwest as necessary to "verify compliance" with environmental laws.  And as the EPA's "environmental justice" agenda is quickly becoming the government's official overarching priority (see here), we might describe the Obama era as the dawning of the Age of Compliance. The priorities of civilizations can be gleaned from a consideration of the virtues they cherish most.  For example, Homeric Greece valued honor, so their crowning virtue was courage.  Later, the Classical philosophers attempted to change Greece, emphasizing the rational life over the warlike, and hence upholding wisdom as the definitive virtue.  Achilles vs. Socrates became Greece's great civilizational debate. "The Star-Spangled Banner," though written in...(Read Full Article)