A Long Hot Summer on Israel's Southern Border

An announcement by Egypt's election commission, concerning who won the most votes in the recent presidential election, has been delayed.  A recent deterioration in the health of ousted former President Hosni Mubarak, along with political moves by Egypt's military to extend its ruling powers, has already resulted in massive street protests. The political struggle in Cairo between the ruling military junta and the Muslim Brotherhood is causing another major upheaval in Egypt.  As Israel looks on, leaders in Jerusalem acknowledge that not only will a Muslim Brotherhood takeover of Cairo's government threaten the peace treaty between Israel and Egypt, but it also increases the likelihood of a future war with Egypt on Israel's southern border. Already, Sinai terrorists are striking out with jihad glee against Israeli targets along the Philadelphi Corridor, while Cairo military rulers remain distracted in their determination to control Egypt's political system.  Israeli...(Read Full Article)