Your Money or Your Schools

As a child, I was fond of adventure stories about the exploits of pirates, highwaymen, and miscreants of all sorts.  In every such tale there was the moment when the dashing if disreputable protagonist confronts a gaggle of respectable folk and proclaims, "Stand and deliver.  Your money or your life!"  At the age of eight, armed with capguns and sporting a red bandana, I thought those were words to live by. Today, they are just words for politicians to live by. Like Dick Durbin, Obama's Senate buddy from Illinois, who used the recent Dallas tornado outbreak to warn voters to dump their gas-guzzling Silverados and sign up for hybrids.  Durbin was about as subtle as Blackbeard grabbing the gold before shoving his victims off the plank.  "It's your money or your life," Durbin insisted.  Resistance is futile.  Turn over the entire economy to power-crazed regulators at the EPA, or you will be carried off like Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz. For Democrats...(Read Full Article)