Women of the Welfare State

I just hope the Obamis are as stupid as we conservatives imagine.  Because it would be too bad if the "Life of Julia" turned out to be a cunning Chicago buffalo jump, stampeding conservatives into jumping to red ruin in November.  That's what Ross Douthat suspects. Is this what liberation for women amounts to?  A government-centric life sequestered away from the hurly-burly of modern life in the government's welfare-state harem, voting for metrosexual liberals to tax men and supply women with the goods their hearts desire: health care, education, and welfare?  Maybe it's the closest we'll ever get to a matriarchy. The telling commentary on Life with Barack was not Julia's mechanical relationship with her distant Uncle Sugar but girl-friend Genevieve Cook's relationship with a Distant Man, even though it was likely all cooked up by the Obamis and fed to friendly journalists.  Maybe nothing has changed.  Jane Austen's Lizzie had to sit around waiting for...(Read Full Article)