Why is Obama considering degrading our military dogs' training?

Does Obama want to quickly braise and debone our military dogs as well? Soldier Dogs is the latest (March 15, 2012) book written by Maria Goodavage, the founder of the Dog Lovers Companion National Guidebook series and a featured columnist at Dogster.com.  In it, she introduces us in chapter 23 to what many in the military consider their best pre-deployment dog training school, the one in Arizona: But the course that every handler and instructor I talked with across all four services says is the course to attend is the Inter-Service Advanced Skills K-9 (IASK) Course, here at the Yuma Proving Ground. It is the only advanced course among the three..."It'll save your life, and maybe a lot of other lives." The terrain and climate in Yuma are much like Iraq, and there is even a model Middle East village with "mud and concrete buildings, and a small marketplace."  Goodavage further states: During the course, which runs for nineteen days, dogs and handlers take part in...(Read Full Article)