Why I Don't Give to Beggars

In school they teach you to be generous to other people.  Why?  I can see being kind to friends and family, but why go out of your way for strangers?  Why feel compelled to waste your efforts and savings on people when you do not know that they would do the same for you?  Back when I was rich, I used to go to charity functions at hotels like the Waldorf.  I'd hang out at the Meals on Wheels tasting at Rockefeller Center and go to galas.  Every year I went to an event nicknamed The Cancer Dance. A lot of people in my family had cancer.  It bothered me that the name, The Cancer Dance,  mocked itself.  I know that it was a good cause and that people were contributing money by attending.  There was gambling and tax deductions.  Most of the women were there to wear their new gowns and show off their jewelry.  I later met semi-famous women (I won't tell who) who started up their own charities mostly to promote themselves.  I...(Read Full Article)