What Mitt Should Do about Education

You may recall that I awarded an "F" to Mitt Romney's proposals to fix America's schools.  But better to light a candle than curse the darkness, so let me propose an "A" alternative.  I'll begin with what I call "The Four Don'ts." First, don't promise the impossible.  Recall George Bush's ill-fated No Child Left Behind (NCLB)'s plan to make every American child proficient in math and reading.  Education reform already suffers from a deserved terrible reputation from overreach; no need to pile it on.  Keep it modest. Second, don't excite powerful enemies in order to pursue inside straights.  Conserve political capital.  America has more pressing problems than Washington fixing K-12 education.  Rather than abolish the Department of Education (hopeless), just ship top bureaucrats on an all-expenses-paid Las Vegas junket for the duration.  Far cheaper, too.  Nor should Mr. Romney cut the fat from ineffective programs like Head Start. ...(Read Full Article)