What Conservatives Really Think About Community, Mr. Dionne

In the Year of Julia, liberals sometimes say the darnedest things.  Last week, Washington Post columnist E.J. Dionne told his liberal readers that "Conservatives used to care about community.  What happened?"  Next week, perhaps he'll turn his pen to: "Liberals and the new community of one: What happened to Julia." Things used to rub along between liberals and conservatives, you see, despite clashes over McCarthyism and the Vietnam War.  But now things have changed.  "Conservatism today places individualism on a pedestal[,]" whereas it used to insist "upon the primacy of society to the individual -- historically, logically and ethically." Modern conservatism's rejection of its communal roots is a relatively recent development. It can be traced to a simultaneous reaction against Bush's failures and Barack Obama's rise. While President Obama has "emphasized a better balance between the individual and the community[,]" conservatives have revolted.  They...(Read Full Article)