Ways to Talk about the Firing of Naomi Schaefer-Riley

If you are not a complete nerd like me and obsessed with the inner workings of American universities, you may not be aware that someone named Naomi Schaefer-Riley was fired in early May, from a publication known as the Chronicle of Higher Education.  You can find out some of the details here and here and here and here. As you can see from this link, the Chronicle hosts twenty families of blogs, of which Brainstorm is only one.  Brainstorm contains twelve bloggers now that Riley is gone.  Now there is no visible right-wing female voice in the entire publication. Keep in mind that the Chronicle lacks not only ideological diversity.  Browse through the blogs and you will see a parade of old, white, liberal faces, all of whom have the dainty air of Elizabeth Warren, our purportedly Cherokee darling from Harvard.  I have nothing against old white people, but the Chronicle is far worse than the Republican Party at fostering racial class diversity.  At least we...(Read Full Article)