War or Thaw?

Leon Panetta  and Barack Obama have decided to kiss the battleship butts of the radical environmentalists and spend millions on alternative biofuels and unproven green technology. Imagine...the Obama crew wants to defend our nation against environmental threats rather than against the Russians, Chinese, or Iranians.  Forget the pirates in the Sudan, forget Iranian nukes -- let's rake algae instead of coal.  We don't need armies; we need to stop climate change.  We don't want to get burned when we go to the beach in our bathing suits.  Who cares if there are jihadists hiding in the dunes ready to blow themselves up?  When all our citizens are killed, give us some of that good, clean alternate energy. The Department of Defense is super-afraid of climate warming and other hypothetical environmental threats to our national security.  It's ironic that Defense Secretary Panetta, who should be worried about saving the country from bombs, missiles, armies,...(Read Full Article)