The 'War on Women' Implodes

See also: Why The Obama Campaign is Blowing the Election The so-called "War on Women" should have been a deadly hit, a fatal blow to the GOP's hopes to cut into the huge majority of the female vote that went for Obama in 2008.  Or so Democrat strategists thought when the Democrats launched their campaign to persuade the public that the GOP was engaging in a "War on Women," they thought they had a sure thing.  The planets were aligned just right for success.  Their rallying cry was powerful; their victim was vulnerable; the media had their backs, and they are masters of deadly destruction in the art of political warfare. With their troops armed to the hilt for battle, the Democrats and President Obama sent them forth to do battle in the imaginary GOP "War on Women."  They assumed women all across the nation would fall into line behind them once they heard the battle cry. The incumbent, as conventional wisdom goes, is virtually impossible to defeat; he can use the...(Read Full Article)