The Right to Be Asian

I am being discriminated against, and this injustice, this offense against human rights, must be remedied.  A long-festering, unfair, narrow-minded prejudice is denying me equality with people born in Asia or of Asian descent. There are so many good things to say about Asian people.  Just to name a few, Asians are well-respected and smart, often achieving top-tier scores on standardized tests.  Asians do well economically, frequently being top-quartile earners.  Asians typically have rewarding jobs, many times as scientists and in other respected medical and technology positions.  And Asians are healthy, often having longer lifespans.  Many Asians are also mathematically adept.  As for me, I'm also good at math and was born that way.  It is so unfair to have this natural mathematical orientation and not be Asian.  To tell you the truth, this makes me crazy.  Why should I be deprived of all the other good things Asians have? ...(Read Full Article)