The Problem with Gays and Voters: Whom can we trust?

So Obama came out in favor of gay marriage.  Whatever. Four years earlier:  The last time Barack Obama was running for president, we were talking about Proposition 8.  Barack Obama won California's electoral votes by a 24-point margin, but even Los Angeles County gave a thumbs-up to traditional marriage. Pollsters were confident Proposition 8 would fail.  Sociologists assured us that having a close gay friend was directly correlated with supporting gay marriage, which was part of the gay rights movement's logic in encouraging people to "come out" as early and openly as possible. Actually, many people trust gay friends but simply don't trust gay rights rhetoric.  Proponents of Proposition 8 ran TV and radio ads warning of ulterior motives and/or collateral damage described below: Unless Proposition 8 passes [...] school districts will be required to teach children in grades K-12 that same-sex marriage is equal in every way to traditional marriage. [...]...(Read Full Article)