The Illogic of Paul Krugman

Leftists have such a difficult time with simple logic.  They make it so easy for non-experts like me to pick apart their arguments. Whenever I can force myself to listen, for the sheer horror of it, to a few minutes of President Obama's rhetoric, my mind instantly begins setting off logic alarms ("Straw man!"  "What a preposterous false analogy!"  "You're begging the question!") until my head starts to spin.  Obama obviously loves to think of himself as the Logician in Chief (LIC).  He pretends, for example, to have a special laser beam for false choices put forward by his enemies.  The irony is that he himself delivers one false choice after another almost every time his lips move. The reality is: Obama is the Sophist in Chief (SIC...the acronym points so aptly to the widely used Latin insertion). Now Paul Krugman -- Princeton professor of economics, Nobel laureate -- has grabbed the torch of leftist illogicism with his new book End This Depression...(Read Full Article)