The Grand Theme of Governing

How can Republicans clean Democrat clocks all over the country?  All it will take is a simple message: Republicans can govern.  Democrats can't. Think of all the contrasts available between adroit Republican governors and flailing Democratic ones.  For one, the surreal spectacle of Wisconsin Democrats focusing resources on their third election campaign since the 2010 election to defeat Scott Walker's collective bargaining reform, even when that reform is no longer a real issue, shows that Democrats are in election mode every moment of every year.    This difference has shown up elsewhere in state and local government.  Rudy Giuliani may not have been a conservative, but as Mayor of New York, he was a courageous and effective leader, which gained him admiration from conservatives.  The contrast between Giuliani and Dinkins, the hapless Democrat cipher who preceded him, is stark. New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is also not conservative, but he...(Read Full Article)