The Death of Privacy by Bits and Bytes

"The capitalists will sell us the rope with which we will hang them" is attributed to V. Lenin. Fast-forward to the "digital everything" age, and the 21st-century equivalent is coming to us via the "smart meter" and "smart grid" of your electrical energy provider.  In this case, your personal privacy is going to be hung out and left twisting in the wind via the invasion of smart-chip-equipped appliances into your home communicating with your smart meter and beyond.  These chips never sleep and are able to note your usage of electrical power moment-to-moment, be it via your computer, washing machine, dish washer, heat pump, or electric toothbrush.  They communicate your on-off electrical usage patterns to the "smart meter," which has replaced your traditional analog electric power meter.  The smart meter in turn then transmits your electrical usage patterns to the utility company, perhaps to some intermediary data-processing center, or to the clandestine computer of...(Read Full Article)