The Choice Ahead in November

Mitt Romney and Barack Obama are very different people; perhaps as different as two candidates for the Presidency have ever been.  They do share one similar trait; a desire for personal privacy.  Romney's reticence derives from a self-deprecating, reserved form of shyness. President Obama flaunts a sinister, in-your-face egotism; the self-gratifying arrogance of a narcissist that would issue an Executive Order sealing all of his personal records within 24 hours of taking office. Romney Romney is a decent, honorable, and proper man.  His reticence and modesty are the products of old school upbringing.  John Hinderaker of PowerLine put it this way in a posting titled Romney Impresses: [A]s a person, Romney is hugely authentic.  His persona is no mystery: he is a Dad.  We have all known men like Mitt Romney.  We may think they are square and out of date; we may roll our eyes if they are occasionally goofy.  But when times are tough, in moments of...(Read Full Article)