The Bane in Bain is Really Just a Feign

I got an email from my friend Rick Ballard: "There's no point in beating the drum for a sideshow when the clowns have the center ring."  That pretty much expressed my feelings about the latest Acme Campaign Strategery: Obama's Attack on Bain Capital and private venture firms. I was sitting at a boîte near the White House munching my hamburger and downing an adult libation thinking about how stupid this latest Obama campaign move was. On the TV screen Mayor Cory Booker, looking like a hostage, attempted to walk back a bit his criticism of the Obama attack on NBC's "Meet the Press," where he called the criticism of Romney, co-founder and former exec of Bain Capital, "nauseating."  Poof, that honest assessment of Booker's let the air out of the anti-Romney, anti-capitalist campaign issue, sending it to the scrap heap of the earlier campaign targets --the War on Women and the Seamus saga.  Scrolling underneath Booker on the screen the Chyron announced that former Governor...(Read Full Article)