Stand Up to Dan Savage's Bullying

Last week, I reviewed the comments and story about ItGetsBetter founder and homosexual advocate Dan Savage.  The feedback I received during my radio show was remarkable -- not for the volume of calls, but for the shared perspective that people offered about this incident, which has now become a major story in the blogosphere.  However, what bothers me about reporting these details is that little has been discussed in the MSM or even on conservative TV and radio! How is it that Dan Savage and his actions during a Seattle regional journalism event to about one thousand high school students go unreported?  How is it that an individual who purports to promote tolerance and a no-bullying policy could be such a bully?  And how is it that Dan Savage can savage the Bible and the Christian faith, and there is no response from Christian leaders or churches? The answer may not be obvious, but the underpinnings of such a lack of response may be more sinister than most people...(Read Full Article)