Stand Up to Dan Savage's Bullying

Last week, I reviewed the comments and story about ItGetsBetter founder and homosexual advocate Dan Savage.  The feedback I received during my radio show was remarkable -- not for the volume of calls, but for the shared perspective that people offered about this incident, which has now become a major story in the blogosphere.  However, what bothers me about reporting these details is that little has been discussed in the MSM or even on conservative TV and radio!

How is it that Dan Savage and his actions during a Seattle regional journalism event to about one thousand high school students go unreported?  How is it that an individual who purports to promote tolerance and a no-bullying policy could be such a bully?  And how is it that Dan Savage can savage the Bible and the Christian faith, and there is no response from Christian leaders or churches?

The answer may not be obvious, but the underpinnings of such a lack of response may be more sinister than most people believe.  First, as I contemplated these questions, I was driven to review the background of Dan Savage, his political alliances, and what can only be regarded as his militant homosexual agenda.  In the first place, Savage has been quick to make himself influential within the Obama White House.  Back in 2010, Obama was interviewed about his views on bullying and particularly the LGBT agenda within his administration.  He went out of his way to focus on the issues of gay-bashing and bullying and in particular Savage's organization and its work.  To suggest that Dan Savage was Obama's "bullying czar" and proponent of the LGBT agenda is not that far a stretch.  Even Savage has reiterated his unique relationship with the administration.

Since the savaging of the Christian faith and the Bible at the Seattle event, the administration may try to throw Dan Savage under the bus.  But too late -- he's driving it!  And the historical comments, to say nothing of video of Dan Savage and Barack Obama in support of a perverse and lurid organization like ItGetsBetter, is more evidence of Obama's lack of discretion and assessment of the people he chooses to endorse.  This last point is one that should be evident to anyone evaluating the Obama administration and in particular Barack Obama himself.

Second, Dan Savage has been very active in the LGBT community and has actively agitated against straight people and people of Christian faith.  Notice that I excluded Judaism and Islam.  Savage has many Jewish supporters and refrains from attacking Judaism per se, while Islam would likely have him put to death.  Only Christianity "grins and bears" his outrageous criticisms and blasphemous critique.

Of course, all of this is in the guise of advancing the anti-bullying agenda.  But this lack of criticism by the mainstream churches and its leadership may be due more to Dan Savage's Google tactics and his threats to do more damage to reputations.  He is, after all, a "reputation-terrorist" inasmuch as his tactics are to use search engine optimization (SEO) and social media techniques to create foul and perverse associations to people he finds offensive.  Rick Santorum is of course the most notable.

Never mind that suicides happen in the internet world of cyber-bullying, too.  But Dan Savage sees his efforts as a means to an end and is complicit in using these devices to advance his agenda.  Anything is fair game as long as it defeats your opponent and advances your agenda.  Couch your issue in self-righteous indignation and apply words like "racist" and "homophobic" and "killer," and you have a winning combination.

But there is something else here that troubles me even more than Dan Savage and his ilk, which is clearly articulated in the Marxist dogma and more recently Alinsky.  That is, you must separate the people from their faith so that they ultimately will have no moral bearing.  In doing so, you will free up society to be imprinted with any normative vision you have for society. 

And this last point is why the lack of a fierce response by the Church, its leaders, and their flock is so problematic.  Edmund Burke stated that "evil flourishes when good men do nothing."  The deafening silence in this matter is likely more about the fact that pastors and church leaders are unwilling to discuss vitriolic comments coming from people like Dan Savage.  To be sure, there is a great discomfort in recognizing the words and the ideas that shape the LGBT agenda that keeps the church silent.

This is precisely what the likes of Dan Savage and Barack Obama contemplate when they ignore their own hypocrisy while lecturing us all on what constitutes decency, empathy, and respect.  Obama has been willing to overlook this hypocrisy throughout his administration and has associated himself with the likes of Dan Savage.  It is time that people of faith stand fearlessly before the storm and refute these attacks while offering a defense of the faith.  To paraphrase Burke, evil flourishes when good men turn from God.

Mark Skoda is a syndicated conservative talk show host, a blogger, and the founder of the Memphis TEA Party.  He is also president of MPS Broadcasting.  He can be contacted at

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