Socialism, by Any Other Name, Is Still Socialism

(See also: Never Call Socialism by Its Right Name) The Washington Post heralded the election of François Hollande in France as the dawn of a new era, and the birth of a new breed of socialism.  It is described as "free-market social democracy -- a pragmatic ideology in which nationalizations, clenched fists, and hammer and sickle are things of the past." The implication is that the Western opinion of socialism has justifiably evolved to one of acceptance.  Sure, socialism gets a bad rap for all those times in history when it went horribly wrong and, you know, killed all those millions of people.  But the right people weren't in charge, you see, and their ideas were the wrong ones.  What is being offered today in France is a newer, smarter socialism.  The one that's never been tried before -- the one that works. But despite the Western media's warm reception of this "pragmatic socialism" as something new, the disturbing truth is that socialism has always been...(Read Full Article)