SCOTUS and Religious Freedom's Slippery Slope

The ObamaCare contraceptive mandate has caught a lot of flack from Catholics who claim that it violates the free exercise rights of church-affiliated employers by forcing them to include birth control in employee health care plans.  The outrage against the mandate is justified, the narrative runs, and the case against the Health and Human Services rule is a slam-dunk. That overconfidence evaporates like spit on a hot tailpipe the minute we start thumbing through a few Supreme Court opinions.  The problem: the free exercise clause is the First Amendment's redheaded stepchild.  The root cause of the problem: "greater good through government" thinking like that of Georgetown's Catholic elites, and the neo-Marxist fascination with social justice that seduces bishops gagging on "free" abortion pills into attacking Paul Ryan's budget proposal as "un-Catholic." We can't just wash our hands of this cognitive dissonance by blaming it on the progressives.  Restricting the...(Read Full Article)